Digital fresco di Villa Sarsina

Projection system of a digital fresco in the main hall of the Villa Sarsina in Anzio.
The project required the installation of a projection system for a digital fresco aimed at completing the restoration of the Villa. The original fresco has been digitally recreated to be projected using slides printed on glass to achieve a more luminous result than that of a standard video-projection.

Copertina progetto

The digital fresco was created as a permanent installation including a multimedia tower giving historical and cultural references related to the lost original fresco.
The projection responds to the tower by highlighting in colour different areas of the fresco. The system needed to be non-invasive as the hall is used for the meetings of the town council.

Idea progetto

The lighting system was integrated in the fresco in order to consistently guarantee optimal illumination.
Dia-projectors remote controlled via DMX have been used. Each projector manages several slides and covers a portion of the fresco. For each area it is possible to visualize the digital image, the sketch or the original painting by changing the slides.

Schema funzionamento

The image was firstly mapped on a 3D model of the ceiling in order to fit to the shape of the cupola.
Each projector is equipped with 1000W Flood Light, with dimmer in DMX chain.
All DMX signals re generated by the interactive tower “Friendly Way” to standardize images and lights of every part of the installation.

Affresco digitale