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Water Shapes Exhibition

Technologies fitting out

The exhibition took place for the 25th anniversary of the Sicilian Cultural heritage department (Beni Culturali).

It was sponsored by the department for Cultural and Natural heritage of Caltanissetta and by the Foundation Institute for culture “Orestiadi” of Gibellina.

The project involved the identification of the technologies required to manage numerous projections in order to create a video façade of the Belmonte Riso palais together with the managing of the sound content.

In the Belmonte Riso Palais in Palermo and the Dar Bash Hamba in Tunisi, the above mentioned sponsors had created an exhibition that with changing rhythms and atmospheres aimed at showing events, visions and practices related to the water of the Mediterranean sea.
The water theme recurs through the different installations, video-projections, multimedia applications and more traditional tools, leading the spectator through a journey which plays with the images and the collective imagination. It includes features of the architectural space, the garden, the natural history, the traditional culture, the art history but also elements of the complex and contradictory relationship of man with water, a force that creates and destroys, unites and divides physically and culturally.